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For over fifteen years, Somethin'Xtra Inc. has provided a wide variety of imaging solutions for the Amusement and Entertainment Industries. We have a wealth of experience integrating off-the-shelf digital and video cameras, frame grabbers, computers, designing trigger/strobe-sync electronics and developing acquisition software.


Visit our Products page... Sony DXC Camera Control, Event Photo Software, Thrill Ride (Coaster) Photo Software and Hardware.


Check out our Solutions Portfolio to see how we have applied our technology to provide cost effective solutions and clients who are using them.


Contact us to discuss your requirements for speed, resolution, environment, frame rate, custom software/electronics and budget.  We will propose the best price performance solution for your needs!

Having an issue with a Commercial Photo Booth? Over the years working to help existing customers we have acquired quite a bit of knowledge on Commercial Photo Booths from various manufactures. Contact us about your photo booth issues and we may be able to help.


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