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Hot Folder Strip Cut Utility for Mitsubishi CP9810DW printers.


If you are running a Photo Booth using PhotoBoof or Breeze software with a Mitsubishi CP9810, you have discovered the Windows driver does not support cutting your 4x6 image into two 2x6 strips. Load this utility on your photo booth, turn off the print function in Breeze or PhotoBoof, point the utility to the Strips folder and your booth will now print and cut two 2x6 strips.


This is not a Windows driver, we talk directly to the printer through the USB port. It supports all Mitsubishi 9000 series printers plus DNP DS40 and RX-1. This utility runs minimized on the taskbar and will only show on the screen if it encounters a printer error. It keeps track of the media left in the printer which can be viewed at anytime by simply clicking the taskbar entry.


PLEASE NOTE: The low level USB driver we use for Mitsubishi printers will only work on a 32 bit Windows Computer. This software will work with DNP printers on a 64 bit system but not with a Mitsubishi printer.


This image shows the configuration options. By selecting Use File Name the utility will cut or not cut depending if it finds the Text String entered in the strip image file name. This will allow you to switch back and forth between printing a full 4x6 photo or strips on the fly without needing to reconfigure the utility.




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