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Somethin’Xtra began unofficially in June 1990 when our CEO left the corporate world (Motorola) to provide local businesses with computer repair, consulting, and custom software services. The company was not yet named and services were provided informally on a 1099 basis. In January of 1995, Somethin’Xtra officially became a company, providing computer consulting, hardware sales and software development.

In 1997, Rave Reviews approached us and asked us to write a program to control a Sony Laser Disk Recorder for picture-taking systems on amusement park thrill rides. Rave Reviews installed 11 Somethin’Xtra software-controlled systems in three major theme parks (King’s Dominion, Carowinds, and Canada’s Wonderland).

After one season, Rave Reviews again approached us and asked if we could develop a computer based capture system to replace the Laser Video Recorder. Shortly after the new system was put into service, Rave Reviews was purchased by Eastman Kodak. Kodak subsequently contracted Somethin’Xtra as a consultant in Kodak's new Thrill Ride Photo ventures assisting with the development of Kodak's first Trip Photo System, this arrangement continued through the 2002 season.

In 2002 Somethin'Xtra developed the first completely portable Thrill Ride Photo System for the Carnival market. The results of this effort was a bullet proof easy to operate and maintain high speed photo system that was easy to set-up and transport. With 16 of these systems in service, Somethin'Xtra has more photo systems running the carnival circuit than anyone else.

Parallel to the above Somethin'Xtra has also been involved in the development of specialty digital imaging, capture, display and printing systems for the amusement industry. 

In 2009 The CEO semi-retired, turning the field service businesses over to an employee while continuing to develop software and systems for the amusement industry.

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