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Copyright 2012 Somethin'Xtra Inc. All rights reserved. All texts, pictures, graphics, sound, video and animation files as well as their sequencing are protected by copyright and other laws protecting intellectual property. They are not permitted to be copied or modified for trade use or transfer nor may they be used on other web sites. Several Somethin'Xtra Inc. Internet pages contain images which are copyrighted and have been made available for use by their respective owners.

Unless stated otherwise, all trademarks appearing on the Somethin'Xtra Inc. Internet pages are brands protected by law. All copyrights, trademarks, and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

The information supplied by Somethin'Xtra Inc. is supplied without any guarantees or warranty whatsoever, be it specific or implicit. Also excluded are all implicit warranties concerning the negotiability, the suitability for specific applications or the non-breaching of laws and patents. Even if we assume that the information supplied to us is accurate, errors and inaccuracy may still occur.

We are not advocating anyone break any contracts that may be in effect between you and another company. It is solely your responsibility to determine what your contractual obligations are.

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