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Somethin'Xtra's Ride Photo Software starts with a basic system that is geared towards a small park or carnival operator with a single car ride such as a Flume or Mouse. This system can easily be expanded with optional modules to include Multiple Monitor display, Dual Strobes for a Kiddy Coaster and Multiple Car Coasters. The software will work with almost any computer running the 32 bit versions of Windows XP or Windows 7. Please see the Hardware page for the hardware you will need to purchase and links to suppliers. To purchase or should you have any questions, please fill out the Contact form on our Contact Us page or call our office.


Basic system: $5000.00

Includes all software, drivers and trigger electronics needed for two Computers. The Capture computer is also the Operators computer and a second computer is used to handle the Printers. Both computers need dual video cards for displays and Operator interface. The Capture computer uses one display for the Operator  and the other for the Attraction Display. This is a slide show, usually on a large monitor displaying the last several rides. This display can be configured with a combination of Time and Rides to insure the guests photo is being displayed when they arrive at the photo booth.


The Print Server computer uses one display for the Operator, can be switched with a KVM switch, and the 2nd display for what we call the Print Preview monitor. This display is what is shown to the guest when the Operator asks for the sale.


Dual Strobe Support: $250.00

Kiddy Coasters run slow enough that we can use two inexpensive strobes fired alternately. This upgrade includes electronics and software for a dual strobe system.


Multiple Monitor display: $1000.00

With the addition of a 3rd computer with Multiple display cards and this software the system can be converted from a single Flip display to a Multiple Monitor display. As many as 8 displays can be included each displaying a single car. On a single car ride like a Flume the display operates First in Last out. The new ride will show up on the first monitor and everything will move down one monitor. On a Train type Coaster each individual car is displayed. As with the Flip display the photos that are displayed can be configured to insure the guests photo is being displayed when they arrive at the photo booth.


Fast Train (Multi Car) Coaster: $6000.00

This option will include two strobe options. One inexpensive strobe for each car or the more expensive single Unilux strobe. It includes the software and electronics needed for two computers..



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