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Announcing the Release of a Revolutionary Thrill Ride Photo System.

  • We supply the software and complete instructions for purchasing the hardware and installing your own system. Imagine being able to put together A complete Thrill Ride Photo System for under  $10,000.00
  • All hardware is Off-The-Shelf. Your buy it, build it and maintain it without the need for expensive service contracts.
  • No ongoing costs.  Our software is a one time purchase.
  • System uses the new GigE high resolution AVT Cameras. Only cables between the Camera Location and the Photo Booth are two readily available CAT-5 network cables.
  • Computers can be purchased inexpensively and replaced as needed.
  • No special capture cards or computer hardware that isn't readily available off the shelf and usually locally .
  • Versatile Touch Screen or Keyboard user interface.
  • Up-Sell with the ability to Email guest's photo to any email address.
  • Higher quality photos than anything we have sold in the past.
  • Works with any Photo Printer that comes with Windows Drivers.

This is the latest in Thrill Ride Photography, if you are willing to do a little work and have access to someone that knows Windows networking we can supply the information and software to build a Coaster Photo System for less than one third of what competitive systems cost. Follow the links below for everything needed for your next Thrill Ride Photo System.



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