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XtraPix: Party Pictures For Everyone.


XtraPix is an easy to operate basic Event Photo Processing System designed for quick sales and easy operation. XtraPix can be used to acquire process and sell photos at any event or social gathering, including Award banquets, Reunions, Church events, Sports events, Mall events, Fundraisers and Parties. With minimal investment you can be selling quality photos at your next event or party. All you need is an inexpensive point and shoot digital camera, laptop computer, ink jet photo printer and XtraPix. Compare the cost and functionality of XtraPix with other popular event photo software costing thousands and you will quickly see the value XtraPix affords.

XtraPix will run on Windows'98, Windows 2000 and Windows'XP computers with at least 256 Megabytes of memory. You can use any Photo Printer that includes a Windows printer driver and almost any Digital Camera.

Typical event photo venues consist of four basic operations,
 Acquiring, Viewing, Processing and Printing.

Acquiring photos:
XtraPix provides several ways to transfer images from the camera to a computer for processing. TWAIN compatible USB connection. Direct USB connection and control of a Kodak DC280 or DC3400 digital camera using the cameras USB port. Memory or Flash Card reader and a Hot Folder for use with the latest digital cameras.

Once the images are transferred to a computer any individual image can be selected by simply entering a picture number or using an image open dialogue with preview to find the picture. XtraPix can also be configured to display the image immediately after being transferred. After the image is selected, it is displayed on the computer screen for review by both the guest and operator.

Some laptops will allow an external monitor be connected and configured so the same display is on both the laptop screen and the external monitor. Also dual output video cards are available for desktop computers that would provide for two monitors or Flat Panel displays. Although not necessary, this could be a good way to set up your system so guests do not interfere with the operation.

Add borders, crop, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast with simple to use one-button controls. XtraPix can be configured to automatically add a border anytime a photo is displayed, removing one step from the operation when appropriate. Crop function maintains aspect ratio of original image to prevent inadvertent creation of odd size images that won’t print properly. Un-do and Revert-to-saved are provided for erasing mistakes should the need arise.

XtraPix provides several printing packages depend on what size photo paper is used, for example with a 5x7 printer you can print 2 - 4x5's, 4 - wallets, 2 - wallets and one 4x5 and of course a 5x7. XtraPix automatically sizes the image to match the paper while maintaining the aspect ratio of the original. XtraPix also provides a package option that prints two photos on one sheet of photo paper sized for popular Keychain photo holders.

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